Over the years, we have come across many products, websites, videos and other things related to budgies.  Here are some of our faves!  Click on the names of the sites to head there and check back often, as we will add to the list when we fall in love with new things.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!!!


Harrison’s Bird Foods:  Not only can you get great organic food for your budgie here, you can also find great tips and advice in their handbook.  It is best for budgies to have at least some pellets in their diet, so if you are interested in converting, the handbook is an especially useful tool!  Click here for a direct link!

General Supplies:

Windy City Parrot:  A great website for parrot supplies and facts.  A great variety of stuff at decent prices!

General Information about Budgies:  A very abundant resource for general information on parrots!

Talking Budgies:

Disco the Parakeet:  If you don’t believe budgies can talk, Disco will change your mind in a BIG way.  This little talking bird has an impressive and often amusing vocabulary which can keep you entertained for hours.  Try playing some Disco videos for your budgie and see what he does!

Training Your Budgie:

The Parakeet Perch:  Our channel has several training videos, including some on teaching a bird how to perch on your finger and how to fly to you!  Check ’em out!

Barbara Heidenreich:  Another great channel with lots of parrot training videos.  Budgies, being parrots, can respond to a lot of what is offered, and the general training principles she teaches are universal to almost all pets.  Added bonus…she recently worked with guinea pigs, so if you think these are cute, wait until you see them play basketball!!!  Lots of training books and aides can be found here!



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