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Thanks for stopping by the perch. This page is an extension of The Parakeet Perch channel on YouTube! If you like budgies (parakeets), parrots, or just animals in general, check out some of our videos. They cover everything from bonding with your bird to diets and cage setup. There are also tips and tricks on how to train a budgie. These smart little birds can learn to talk, learn tricks, and figure out how to interact with you in a very fun way. Let us know what you think of our content and about what you’d like to see next. We love our fans!!!

The Parakeet Perch



17 thoughts on “Welcome to the Perch”

  1. I got a brand new little budgie (4-5 months old) today I watched all of your videos before getting her and they were very helpful she is very smart and friendly thank you for all your videos

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  2. In the news
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    Lost parakeet found in Clearwater after storms | FOX 13 Tampa Bay
    FOX 13 News, Tampa Bay‎ – 2 days ago
    CLEARWATER (FOX 13) – A parakeet was found by a homeowner in Island Estates and he …
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